• Wednesday December 4, 9 AM - 4 PM
  • Thursday December 5, 9 AM - 4 PM
  • All Liberal Arts-based Triads and Tetrads will attend on the day they usually have class (MWF on Wednesday; TR on Thursday)
  • All Science-based learning communities will attend Thursday


  • Island Hall Gym (in the Dugan Wellness Center)

What to do to present

  • Sign up for a presentation time with your English or Seminar instructor.
  • Prepare a multimedia, poster, or creative presentation for your project. The requirements for this presentation will be provided by your instructor.
  • Bring your poster or presentation on a flashdrive or laptop to the Ballroom about 15 minutes ahead of your scheduled presentation time.
  • Find your instructor's table & let him or her know you're there. You might be able to set up right away, or you might have to wait, depending on how busy it is.
  • For 30 minutes, stand by your poster/laptop and present your topic to anyone who stops by. You should have a 5-10 minute presentation of your project that is coordinated with your multimedia/poster presentation. Your instructor may have more detailed directions/requirements.
  • Be prepared to answer questions on your topic.

What to do to be an audience member

  • Pick up one two-sided review sheet.
  • Wander around until something catches your eye.
  • Ask the student(s) involved to present their project to you. Fill out the review sheet as you listen. Ask questions.
  • Observe two presentations, minimum. Fill out the review sheet on 1 in your triad/tetrad/learning community, and 1 not in your triad/tetrad/learning community.
  • Keep the sheet or hand them in to your seminar instructor, according to his/her instructions.

Hints for your presentation

  • Audio will not have an impact in this space! Don't bother to add music or other audio to your ppt. or prezi.
  • Handouts like candy, games, presentations that are interactive, and visual displays that catch folks' attention will bring more folks to your table!
  • Poster boards with too much text will dissuade audiences, as will poster boards that are not well constructed.
  • Creative presentations cannot be so loud that no one else can present nearby.
  • The laptops we provide are fairly old. Wireless can fail. Try to make your presentation fail-proof.

What to wear

  • Most students dress up in a "business casual" to do their presentations; however, depending upon your project/assignment/presentation, something either more thematic, creative, or casual might be appropriate. Consult with your instructors.

Why do we do First-Year Celebration?

  • We enjoy seeing everyone's work! It is a wonderfully inspiring event for your instructors to see not only you do your best, but others in other classes as well.
  • All writers need real audiences! This is great practice. Anyone, from the University President to your mother, could decide to walk through those doors! Many large lecture professors attend.
  • First-Year Celebration can be a recruiting/resume-building experience! Impress your peers and your professors. FYC is a great first step toward undergraduate research activities, writing pursuits, and career enhancement.
  • Public writing, discussion, and intelligent debate are vital to a democracy and citizenship.
  • Public discussion of writing and demonstrations of writing achievement are an important counter-argument to those who might say that standardized testing is the only way to assess writing proficiency.