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In class:

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  • Discourse Community Activity

Discourse Community Activity

Now that we have an understanding of Swales's definition of a discourse community, we will apply his concepts.

Using Swales 2.3 (pp.471-473), groups will develop a discourse community utilizing all six characteristics.

Create and develop:

  • an agreed set of common public goals (3-5 goals)
  • mechanisms of communication among members (newsletters, journals, etc.)
  • one or more genres in the communicative furtherance of its aims
  • participatory mechanisms primarily to provide information and feedback
  • a lexis specific to the community
  • a level of membership with relevant content and discoursal expertise

After 20 minutes, students will display and present their discourse community to the class.

Reminders for Monday, March 31:

Continue researching and gathering sources and documents for your DC Ethnography.