When can you register?

Registration usually opens at 8:00 am on your scheduled day.

  • November 12 - Graduate students
  • November 13 - Seniors (90+ completed hours)
  • November 14 - Juniors (60-89 completed hours)
  • November 15 - Sophomores (30-59 completed hours)
  • November 16 - Freshmen (0-29 completed hours)

How to register ...
The following is from the University Registrar's Registration Webpage. If you do not have holds on your student account, you can register for classes online via the . Student Portal or in-person at the Office of the Registrar.

Registering online via S.A.I.L.
To register for classes online, login to the S.A.I.L. Student Portal and follow the instructions given below:

1.)Click the Student tab.
2.)Click on the Registration link.
3.)Click on Add or Drop Classes link.
4.)Select the desired term from the drop-down menu and click Submit.
5.)In the spaces provided, enter the 5-digit Call Number (CRN) for each class you would like to add to your schedule. NOTE: The Call Number (CRN) for each course is located in the Call Number (CRN) column of the class schedule.
6.)Once you have entered the Call Numbers for all courses you desire to take, click on Submit Changes.

Registering in person
Students may register on-site at the Registrar's Office, located in the Student Services Center (Round Building), using a Class Scheduling Form. See our registration schedule for exact dates.