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* [+'''Divide the classroom into 2 groups.+]
* [+'''Divide the classroom into 2 groups.'''+]
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* [+'''Divide the classroom into 2 groups.+]

* [+'''Half the classroom will take the position that inequality is necessary for the survival and function of society.'''+]

* [+'''The other half of the students take the position that inequality undermines the stability of society and harms segments of society.'''+]

* [+'''Each group will have ten minutes to create a list of "whys" to substantiate/defend the assertion.'''+]

* [+'''Create two columns on the whiteboard, and write down the lists--one on each side.'''+]

* [+'''Then, have the pro people take the con list and the con list take the pro list and discuss those lists and add any other items to the lists.'''+]

* [+'''Then, have the students share with the class the items they added to the list.'''+]

* [+'''Most students believe that inequality is useful for societies.'''+]

* [+'''Final Thought: If inequality serves a purpose, is there a point at which inequality becomes dysfunctional--where is that point?'''+]