A common reason students don't do so well on the essay portion of History exams is that they don't include enough - or any - details. One efficient way to study for the essays in History is to try to see where the ID terms (from lecture and the readings) can be used in your essays as details.

  1. I am going to hand each of you a term from the ID portion of the exam...
  2. I will give you about five minutes to define the term (who/what/where/when-type stuff) on the notecard you have been given using all of the resources at your disposal.
  3. Having difficulty with your term? Find a friend!
  4. Now, your job is to figure out your term could be used...
  5. I will call on people so we can fill out the grid on the board as a class!
  6. If time permits: Review essays (fill in the gaps!)