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%blue%'''Good Day!'''

'''In class:'''
* '''Journal Entry'''
* '''Introduction to Threshold Concepts'''
* '''Discussion of Concept 1: Writing is a Social and Rhetorical Activity'''
* '''Create groups for Rhetorical Presentations'''


%align=left height=250%Attach:prolife.png[[<<]]

[['''Rhetorical Appeals''']]

*%red%'''Activity- get in groups and begin brainstorming for group Facilitations to be given Wednesday, September 7th.'''[[<<]]

* '''In your groups, locate & analyze the rhetorical situation of a written document or article.'''

* '''Facilitate a lesson and discussion about ethos, pathos, or logos and ''analyze'' the text.'''

* '''Questions to consider:'''

->'''Explain the rhetorical situation. What is the context?'''

->'''What is the exigence/need?'''

->'''Who/what is the rhetor/author? Are they credible?'''

->'''Who is the audience of the piece?'''

->'''Was the author's argument persuasive? Why or why not?'''

* %red%'''Each group must be prepared to give a 10 minute facilitation to the class on Wednesday, September 7.'''


%red%'''Reminders for Wednesday, August 31st:'''