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  • Turn in 50-word summary on Chapter 5
  • Turn in Sustainability Topic and Argument Proposal (worth 5/100 pts. on Position Paper)
  • Chapter 5 - Interests Groups

Chapter 5 - Interests Groups


  • The Class will break off into groups.
  • Each group will assume the respective characteristic of the political party/faction: Democrat, Republican, Conservative Democrat, Evangelical.
  • The party/faction will take a position or create and argument on an issue. This position or argument will be representative of their respective character.
  • The party/faction will then locate an interest group(s) that fulfills or benefits their perspective on the issue. The interest group will serve as a conduit into the political arena. What type of interest group?
  • Each group will present its findings and results.
* The purpose of this activity is to illustrate the function of interests groups. The activity also serves as a model for the process to gather and research information for your position paper.

Homework: Wednesday February 20

  • APA/Annotated Bibliography Workshop: Meet In CASA Writing Center Glasscock Room 112

Homework: Friday February 22

  • Acquaint w/Chapter 14 - Local Governments
  • Reading Reaction #4 Due by 10 am