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  • Freewrite/prompt
  • Questions, comments, concerns, announcements
  • Understanding Federalism and the functions of Constitutions
  • Group work

Chapter 2

The U.S. Constitution and Federalism

  • Concept of Federalism
  • Identify types of Powers in United States Federal System
  • Tension between State and Federal Government

In-Class Activities

What's Going on--Sustainability on a State, Local, and Personal level (free-write):

  • In the context of sustainability, what do you need to do to prepare for the POLS Exam 1 on Friday?
  • State
  • Local
  • Personal

Group Discussion: Different Interpretations

  • Write a 50 word summary of Chapter 2.
  • Get with your working group, compare and contrast your interpretations of Chapter 2. What was similar? What was different? Share your knowledge!
  • When done, go up to the board and write down one theme, different from the other themes already on the board, that is related to Chapter 2 and sustainability.

Homework - Wednesday February 6:

Political Science

  • Finish Chapter 2; Continue studying for POLS Exam


  • Complete: Define and Explain worksheet
  • Post: On our Triad L Facebook Group page, A sustainable article or video on a personal level

Facebook Group Link for Poli Sci 491: https://www.facebook.com/groups/524587740895669/#!/groups/524587740895669/