Good Morning!

Basket O'Challenges ...

With two months and one week under your belt, you should have plenty of information to share with your classmates. Today is your chance to PROVE IT to me and more importantly to yourselves!

  • Group up in your Writing familia
  • Each group will be given a "challenge" to complete before the end of class. Then, each team will present their creations!

If we have time, we will briefly review your Seminar Midterm results !

Reminders and Announcments:

Homework for Wednesday 11/7:

  • Slavery in the West handout and 1-page response

History Readings for the Week:

  • Nov. 5th: A Shattered Truce; CE, 324-331
  • Nov. 7th: Deepening Sectional Crisis, CV "Yankees and Border Ruffians' in Bleeding Kansas: Sara Robinson and David Atchison. "
  • Nov. 9th: Secession; CE, 331-334, 338-42