The Game Plan

  • Questions/Comments?
  • Remember Exam I is scheduled for Friday, Sept. 21st !! If you haven't begun studying, GET STARTED !! :)

Let's Practice Putting These in order !

  • Take out your lecture notes. Spend a few minutes putting these significant people and events in order.
  • Class discussion.

Chronologies will make up the first part of the exam. There will be six chronologies listed on the exam. You will select the four you wish to place in chronological order.

Today's Objectives

  • Consider/develop strategies for success on the exam
  • Practice a strategy for studying for the terms and essay questions simultaneously
  • Provide you the motivation to start studying now !
  • Even though this exam is 5 days away, you will need to know your stuff!

Be sure and give me your card ! Put your name on it !


If you have not brought me your blue books, you have until Wednesday by 1pm to to get them to me at my office FC 124 !

In need of extra help?

Go to the SI Sessions with Martha Ruiz ! When: Mondays: 2-2:50pm, Tuesdays: 10-10:50am and Thursdays: 1-1:50pm Where: Glasscock Building (CASA), Room 108A.