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  • Questions, Comments,Concerns?
  • Critical Essays: If you have questions about the grade you earned, please feel free to come by to discuss your paper with me. Come by during office hours or make an appointment.

All work and no play?

- Introduce the Triad E Working Folder

You've Completed Your First Exam!

  • Let's Chat ! How did the Exam go?
  • It is now time to reflect on how exactly you prepped for that exam.
  • Think about how you felt while taking the exam. Did you feel confident in knowing the material? Or did you not? Or maybe it was just the clock counting down that worried you the most.
  • Now think about how well or not well you prepared for the exam. What did you do or didn't do? What should you do or not do for your next exam?
  • You will need to fill out this Triad E Reflection Paper and turn it in before you leave seminar today. Be honest on it and be detailed. Let's Reflect. (Hint: This will help you on the Triad E Working Folder)

Also, exams will be returned sometime next week. Please be patient.


Read for History:

  • Created Equal (206-214), The Constitution and the Search for Order
  • Contending Voices (67-82), "The Conflict Over the Constitution: Patrick Henry vs. James Madison"

Read for 9/26:

  • Created Equal (218-227), Establishing a Government I

Read for 9/28:

  • Establishing a Government II
  • Contending Voices (83-102) "Political Conflict in the Early Republic: Benjamin Franklin Bache vs. Alexander Hamilton"

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