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Author's Day with Linda Hogan

Breaking Down Freedom

Reading Strategy

  • Intensive Strategies: Reading guides built of statements, not questions.
a. Level 1: Reading the lines (main ideas) - true/false, factual information; Is the author telling the truth? Does the statement make sense? Give examples.
b. Level 2: Read between the lines (inference) - This is valid or not. What may the author be inferring or imploring? What is the author reasoning? Explain or explain with examples.
c. Level 3: Read beyond the lines. Students make connections to other readings, course content or lived experience. Students must provide evidence to support. In this level, utilize your knowledge from the Research Journal sources to make connections to the lyrics of the song. How does education and literacy connect to the lyrics? How do the lyrics connect to History lecture?

Homework - Tuesday March 26:

  • History Read: Lepore, Chapter 9 - "Man of the People"
  • Composition
  • Seminar Write: 3 quotes and critically analyze them using the tri-level reading strategy (Counts as Reading and Writing 6)