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  • Semester Reflections
  • Turn in your written thoughts on Charlotte Temple (RW#5 grade)
  • Charlotte Temple Dialogue Activity

Charlotte Temple

  • Charlotte Temple dialogue activity.
Each of you will create a dialogue with a character from Charlotte Temple that discusses the topic of freedom.
Imagine that you have been transported back in time, to a point in during this story. Talk to a character by creating a dialogue with them about freedom. Think about what they are going through in your scenario and how they might discuss the concept of freedom. Within this dialogue with the character, you should also talk about how you view or define freedom.
  • Characters:
1. Charlotte Temple
2. Belcour
3. Madam La Rue
4. Montraville
5. Any other character in the novel
  • We will read these aloud to the class.
  • The purpose of this activity is to:
1. Understand and explain your concept of freedom
2. Understand different historical perspectives of freedom
3. The creative technique of dialogue and how characters can inflect definitions with words attributed to them

Triad O Working Folder due by Friday March 8 at 2:00 pm FC 124

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