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* Going live!

-> We will practice delivering our questions in an intimate setting.
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[+Analyze Sources+]

Using one of the sources in your Annotated Bibliography, write an analysis describing your discourse community using Johns, Swales, Wardle, or Mirabelli. Use examples to make connections with different aspects or characteristics of your discourse community.

Also include the rhetorical situation for the article. Who is the rhetor? What is the exigence of the article? What is the purpose for writing this article?


!Interview Questions & Etiquette

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* Turn in 10-15 interview questions (HW grade)
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* Research journal reflection
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!Homework for Tuesday 11/6:

* Draft of Discourse Community Ethnography
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!Buenos Dias!

'''''In class:'''''

* Begin analyzing data and articles using Swales, Johns, and Wardle articles

* Discuss interview process and progress