In class:

  • Reflective Overview and Student Archive - Questions, Comments, Concerns?
  • Peer Review Workshop - Final Questions, Comments, Concerns about APA formatting (Reference page, in-text citations).

Navigating Sources that Disagree Final Draft Due Friday 10/12

To be included in your final submission:

  • Final draft
  • Annotated Bibliography
  • List of Sources (at least 10) that main sources were pulled from
  • Peer-review feedback
  • 2 page reflections by each group member other than the person in charge of final draft
Some questions to consider:
What did you bring to the table?
What articles did you present to the group? List them and explain why they were or were not chosen.
Was your opinion changed or swayed in any way? What is the rhetorical situation? Exigence? Purpose?

Homework 10/16:


  • Discourse Communities and Communities of Practice: Membership, Conflict, and Diversity, Ann M. Johns, pp. 498 - 519