Good Morning

In class:

  • Writing response to Swales
  • Group discussion about responses
  • Group Activity


Consider a discourse community you belong to, and describe how it meets the six characteristics of a discourse community. For example, what are its shared goals? What is its lexis? What are its genres?

Discourse Community Ethnography


  • a movie clip of Dogtown and Z-Boys and analyze an ethnography of the skateboarding discourse community. What characteristics of discourse communities were shown and discussed?

Ethnography Group Activity

Homework for F 10/19:


  • a research proposal. Students will name a discourse community they are considering researching. Explore and explain why the group interests you. What basic assumptions do you have about the group? What do you already know about it? How will you access the group? What do you hope to learn or gain from studying this particular community? Do you have any particular research questions to ask of it yet?

Homework for M 10/23:


  • Elizabeth Wardle, "Identity, Authority, and Learning to Write in New Workplaces" (520-537)


  • a 1-page response answering this question:
According to Wardle (citing Wenger), what are the 3 ways that newcomers try to belong in a new community? Give a specific example for each"mode of belonging." Then consider why a newcomer might choose 'not'' to participate in some aspect of a new community.

Monday 10/23: Meet in CASA Writing Center for Ethnography Workshop