1. Begin by making a list...

  • What are some of the things you do every day?
  • What else do you usually do at least once a week?
  • What else, specifically, to you have to do this week?
  • Now, how much time do you think you should spend studying for each of your classes this week? (include labs, prep for other exams or projects, etc.)
  • Make a list of the top five ways you waste your time.

2. You can either print this schedule Δ, or you can customize it electronically (as an excel file).

  • block off time for each of your classes and your work schedule this week
  • write in anything else you have to do at a specific time
  • Now, everything else is flexible, but NOT equally important. I recommend a PENCIL at this point...block in each of the following
    • study time for each of your classes
    • your normal sleep times
    • meals
    • work-out time
    • your favorite shows
    • social time (hanging out with friends, parties, concerts, etc.)

3. Now see if you can use your time more effectively.

  • Look for those 1 to 2 hour blocks between classes. How many of you scheduled a 1 1/2 hour lunch? Or a trip back to your apartment?
    • This time could be much better spent by going to the library to study. Plan a 20 min lunch to grab a sandwich and you'll still have time for 45 minutes of homework time! Use those little time blocks!
  • Also, use the time before and after your class day. Instead of watching tv or surfing the net when you get home, sit down and study for an hour before dinner.

If you could stick with your schedule, do you think you would be able to accomplish more this week? Try it for just one week and see!

You still need to spend time with friends, but try making a deal with yourself..."I can only go out with my friends tonight if I get two hours of studying done first." You have to figure out what works for you!