Good Day!


  • Freewrite/prompt
  • Ethos Discussion
  • Understand the concept of ethos as it applies to an Historian's argument or claim.


Let's watch this video with the concept of ethos in mind:

Daily Show-Barack Obama Skeet Fighter

ABC News-Barack Obama Skeet Shooting Photo

  • Is Barack Obama trustworthy or credible on this issue? How does he establish trustworthiness or credibility?
  • Does Barack Obama have authority on this issue?
  • Does Barack Obama have unselfish or clear motives for addressing this issue?

It's one thing to rhetorically analyze Barack Obama, now let's switch perspectives and rhetorically analyze the people reporting the news.

  • Who is more credible or trustworthy? John Stewart or ABC News?
  • Who has authority on this issue?
  • Who has clear or unselfish motives?

Understanding the three aspects of Ethos allows readers to question or understand the rhetorical situation.

  • "Thinking about arguments, their contexts, audiences, and appeals brings us to another helpful concept: The rhetorical situation...Remember, though, that rhetorical situations are dynamic, with all elements affecting one another: for example a change in audience could affect your handling of the topic and the appeals you use" (Lunsford and Ruszkiewicz 28-29).

In groups of 2 or 3, use "A Pilgrim Passed I" to fill in the worksheet.

After filling out the worksheet, we will discuss the ethos of the historians.

Homework - Thursday February 7:

  • History Read: Chapter 3 - "The Way to Wealth"
  • Composition Read: Chapter 4 - "Arguments Based On Facts and Reason: Logos"
  • Seminar Write: a 50 word summary on both readings.