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Were you prepared for the Triad O quiz?

What will you change or continue to do to be prepared for quizzes/exams?

What can I do to help you this semester?

Reading and Writing Strategies/Techniques

  • Summarization: Write a 15-word summarization of reading assignment
  • Questions/Prompts: I will ask questions about reading assignment; as the semester progresses, students will begin to create questions from reading assignments
  • Read Aloud: Stop and ask questions during reading; this technique helps with reading and writing

  • Select favorite or relevant quotes and explain or make connections
  • Find difficult words and define

Homework - Thursday January 31:

  • History Read: Chapter 1 - "Here He Lyes"
  • Composition Read: Chapter 2 - "Arguments Based On Emotion: Pathos"
  • Seminar 'For your Triad O readings, write down at least 4 words that you do not know or understand; find and write down their definitions.

Write down 3 quotes or passages that interest or confuse you.