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State of the Semester

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Reading Strategy

  • Intensive Strategies: Reading guides built of statements, not questions.
a. Level 1: Reading the lines (main ideas) - true/false, factual information, w/page reference
b. Level 2: Read between the lines (inference) - This is valid or not. Provide evidence to support.
c. Level 3: Read beyond the lines. Students make connections to other readings, course content or lived experience. Students must provide evidence to support.
  • Quote: The manuscript his wife called "the babe which he had dandled twenty years and more" finally left his lap, to toddle off into history" (125).

Defining Definitions

  • 2013 New Words
  • Activity
  • Each person will define words and use the word in their own sentence.
* Capitalism
* Conservative
* Liberal
* Innovate
* Dandle
* Swirl
* Bias
* Maturity
  • In groups, compare definitions and create an objective dictionary definition
  • The purpose of this is to understand how different definitions exist...and how subjectivity can inflect definitions.

Homework - Thursday March 21:

  • History Read:
  • Composition Research Journal 1 Due
  • Seminar Write: