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In class:

  • Discuss Johns, Communities of Practice
  • Applying and Exploring Ideas: Authority and Control
  • Discuss Discourse Community Ethnography


Discourse Communities and Communities of Practice

Class Read:

Discourses: How Do Communities Shape Writing? (463-465)

Discuss Johns

Discourse Community Group Activity:

Project 3 - Discourse Community Ethnography

Homework for Th 10/18:


  • John Swales, "The Concept of Discourse Community" (466-480)

Homework for F 10/19:


  • a research proposal. Students will name a discourse community they are considering researching. Explore and explain why the group interests you. What basic assumptions do you have about the group? What do you already know about it? How will you access the group? What do you hope to learn or gain from studying this particular community? Do you have any particular research questions to ask of it yet?