Good Day!

In class:

  • Questions, comments, concerns...
  • 3 Models of Mass Media
  • Framing the Media

3 Models of Mass Media

  • Gatekeeper Model
  • Propaganda Model
  • Cultural Studies Model

What does it mean to "Frame" an issue?

The ways in which the media can "Frame" an issue means "an intentional distortion of what happened... it is more than a process of interpreting selected events, it is the process of creating events." ~ Charlotte Ryan

Let's take a closer look at a couple of videos that frame some social issues:

Jon Stewart

"Occupy Wall Street Exploitation"

Dog Rescues Another Dog - Cultural Resonance

  • How are these news media shows "framed"?
  • How might these shows shape an individuals perspective of the world?


For Thursday

  • Read:"Misperceptions, the Media, and the Iraq War" (pp.237-256)
  • Post: RW#8 on Blackboard by 9am