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  • Introduce POLS Position Paper
  • Freewrite on Sustainability
  • Chapter 4 Political Parties

POLS Exam 1 Results

  • Grade Range: 52-100
  • Class Average: 75.11111
  • Grade Breakdown:
A - 4
B - 7
C - 8
D - 4
F - 4

Don't be like this person...

What's Going on--Sustainability on a State, Local, and Personal

Political Science Position Paper

  • Position Paper
  • Discussion of Sustainability Topics
  • Sustainability Freewrite

Chapter 4 - Political Parties Activity

Socratic Acrostic (there's an anagram for you)

  • The Socratic Method
  • Acrostics
  • You will be given a term for a political party or faction. Using the letters in your term, create an acrostic poem.
  • Also, to address the socratic method aspect of the activity, include at least two questions within the acrostic poem. These questions must pertain to the characteristics or traits of your political term. Be aware that the questions should stimulate critical thought and ideas that represent your political party or faction. These questions can also rhetorically address your oppositions' viewpoints or ideas.
  • The purpose of this activity is two-fold:
To work on memorization techniques that may expand studying skills
To help define and explain the characteristics, traits, and ideologues of certain political groups or factions

Homework: Friday February 15

  • Chapter 4 Political Parties
  • Reading Reaction #3 Due by 10am

Homework: Monday February 18

  • Interests Groups Chapter 5; WRITE: a 50-word summary on Chapter 5; Sustainability Topic and Argument Proposal Due (worth 5/100 pts. on Position Paper)
  • Americans Governing Assignment #3 Due by 10 am