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Essay Outlining Exercise : A Class Exercise

History Pictionary (a mini-lesson)

  • We'll make three teams, and each team will rotate among the group members to draw for the team. Your team member must select a card and attempt to draw the term that is on the card. You cannot use words. Use symbols or drawings ONLY.
  • Your team members will have one minute to guess what the person is drawing, and if correct, the group will receive 2 points.
  • If, after one minute, no one has guessed the term, the other teams have one chance to guess the term and earn 1 point.
  • The winning team gets 1 bonus point on their daily grade!



SI Sessions with Martha Ruiz!
When: Mondays: 2-2:50pm
Tuesdays: 10-10:50am
Thursdays: 1-1:50pm Where: Glasscock Building (CASA), Room 108A.
Martha's Email:

History Reading Homework:

  • 10/12: Jackson, the Presidency, and the Age of Mass Politics, I; CE, 273-279, 288-90 (focus on Trail of Tears)
  • 10/15: Mobilizing Emerging Majorities: Whigs and Democrats