Triad E Working Folder Workshop Day !

Questions, Comments, Concerns?

  • Take out all of the stuff you brought with you ! It's Time for Show and Tell !
  • Everyone should recieve a copy of the assignment.
  • Let's review it briefly.

Work Stations

- Get into your working/ writing groups.
- Each group will spend 5 minutes at each of the stations set up around the room. There are a total of five stations and instructions will be provided at each station. As you are seated at each station, consider how the work you have brought with you is significant and record how you might include it in your table of contents.

Station #1- Table of Contents - notecards will be provided.
Station #2- History
Station #3- Composition
Station #4- Seminar
Station #5- Materials (List of Materials) What kind of materials should you need to effectively put this together? Make a list !

Table of Contents Template: Table of Contents Δ
Time to Reflect: Think?!


Thank you Romeo Garcia for this lesson! :)