Good Day!

In class:

  • Journal Entry
  • Citation Styles: APA & Others
How to cite a book
How to cite a website
How to create an in-text citation
How to create a reference
Other distinguishing features
  • CASA Writing Center

Reminders for Friday, September 16:

  • Rhetorical Presentation on Blackboard - There are 2 components to this grade:

1) The Rhetorical Presentation (90%). One person from your group must upload the presentation.

2) Letter for Group Member Assessment (10%). You must write a letter to me assigning a number grade (0-100) to each member of your group, including yourself. Also include the descriptions or reasons for the grade you are giving to each member of your group and to yourself. Be honest. The letter must be at least 250 words.

Reminders for Monday, September 19:

  • Read: Concept 4: All Writers Have More to Learn (pp. 59 - 70)
  • Upload on Blackboard 5 quotes from Concept 4: All Writers Have More to Learn