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!!! Happy Wednesday !

* Questions, Comments, Concerns?
* [[What is your Plan?]]

I will be giving back your Timed Writing Exercise essay. Take out your lecture notes.
Spend a few minutes looking at your response and make some changes, if any.

Get into your working/writing groups. Discuss your responses,compare your answers!

Class discussion. Let's help each other out ! Let's fill in the gaps ...

!! Reminders:

As stated in Dr. Wooster's syllabus, your first History exam, covering the first section of the course, will be on Friday, September 21st. This will be a closed-book test; no books, notes, or electronic devices are to be used during the exam.

Blue books will be provided for you to write your answers in; all need to bring is a couple of pens or pencils to write with. Leave backpacks, books, etc., either at the front of the room or along the aisles when you come in, being careful to take personal valuables with you to your seat.

As there is not a class before us, we will open the room at 9:45 for those of you wanting a little extra time. Students will not be permitted into the room after 10:10.