Welcome back!


Let's Talk: It's Critical Essay Time ! So now that you have the Practice Critical Essay under your belt, you are probably wondering which one you will be doing "for real." My class sections will be reading and writing their first Critical Essay on : "The Price of Patriotism: Jonathan Sewall and John Adams"

Your first critical essay will be due next Wednesday, Sept. 12th at the beginning of large lecture. Late papers will not be accepted.

Basket O'Challenges ...

With two weeks under your belt, you should have plenty of information to share with your classmates. Today is your chance to PROVE IT to me and more importantly to yourselves!

  • Please get into groups based on my instructions...
  • Each team will be given a "challenge" to complete before the end of class. Then, each team will present their results!

Pass out outline assignment.


Read Chapter 3 in Contending Voices. Bring the reading guide you were given earlier with you to class next Monday so we can all contribute to the discussion !