Who I Am as a Writer Paper

Every writer has a set of knowledges and beliefs about writing, some explicit, some tacit, that make up their personal theory about writing. The conceptions that make up this personal theory are developed through education, observations, and cultural narratives of writing. Few writers will ever explicitly articulate their theory, but they will live by it. By theory, we mean a systematic narrative of lived experience and observed phenomena that both accounts for (makes sense of) past experience and makes predictions about future experiences. The “better” – the more completely, consistently, and elegantly – a theory accounts for past experience, and the more accurate its predictions about future experiences, the stronger or more robust it is, and thus more useful it is. The writer’s personal theory of writing – their conceptions of what happens when they write, what ought to be happening, why that does or does not happen – shapes both their actions while writing and their interpretations of the results of their writing activities. This personal theory of writing and the set of conceptions that make it up are how a writer understand “the game” of writing. (Downs & Robertson, 2014, p.110)

For this paper, develop your own personal theory of writing. Some ideas you may want to explore are:
• Writing & Education – what types of learning and skills were you taught? Was this education successful? Why or why not?
• Cultural Narratives about Writing – How did your cultural upbringing positively or negatively affect your writing skills?
• Writing Experiences – What types of positive and negative experiences affected your writing?
• Observations on Writing – What observations have you noticed about writing?

Nuts & Bolts
• At least 1350 words
• Use a citation style of your choice (Address this in your paper)
• Bibliography of at least 3 sources
• Must have at least 4 in-text citations