All the above mentioned assignments together are the participation and attendance grade. With the remaining 85 points, each person was given a grade based on classroom engagement (see the syllabus excerpt below). Additionally, if you had any absences above 2, the points were deducted from these 85 points. If you had more than 85 points worth of absences, then the remaining was deducted from the final grade in seminar.

Example: A student is given an 85% for their classroom engagement. This gives them a grade of 72.25 points out of 85. They had a total of 5 absences for the semester, which means they will have a deduction of 45 points, bringing them to 27.25 points. They also had 6 tardies. For every 3 tardies, an additional 15 points is deducted, which means they now have an additional deduction of 30 points, bringing them to 0 points of the 85 points and 2.75 points being deducted from their final grade in seminar. Had this student taken advantage of the 210 points worth of extra credit that were offered during the semester, they could have had made up the lost participation and attendance points.

From the syllabus:

There is nothing that we will do in class that is not important to your overall success in Triad C. Therefore, attendance is imperative. Missing class will affect your grade, as will not being prepared or not participating in a meaningful way. Students are expected to contribute to class discussions and to compose thoughtful short assignments when requested. To encourage attendance, attendance will be taken each time we meet. In addition, individual and group exercises will be assigned each class meeting through which your performance and engagement will be evaluated. Simply being present in class will not earn you full points for the semester. Participation, preparedness, and promptness will all be taken into account when daily participation grades are awarded. In addition, any disruptive behavior or use of electronic devices (including any use of laptops, cell phones and/or portable music devices) for non-academic purposes will be noted, resulting in a deduction of daily participation points. I reserve the right to award daily or average points to students who continually surpass classroom expectations. I also reserve the right to deduct daily or average points from students who consistently lack engagement or disregard classroom rules. You are allowed two absences without penalty. Use them well. After the second absence, each additional absence will lower your final grade in seminar by 15 points.