Now it's time to plan for a little reflection...



  • DUE FRIDAY, DECEMBER 9, by 5 PM in your Seminar BlackBoard
  • You must work in groups of no less than 3 and no more than 5 group members.
  • ALL group members must have a speaking role. Each person must discuss one of the SLOs, provide evidence for that SLO, and provide three tips for future First-Year Islanders.
  • ALL SLOs must covered. More than one person may discuss the same SLO as long as all 3 SLOs are discussed in the video.
  • Upload the video to YouTube. It may be listed as Public or Hidden as long as your professor can access the link and watch the video.
    • Please make sure this link works. Any videos which cannot be viewed by your seminar professor will not be able to be graded.
  • Only one group member needs to submit a YouTube link. The entire group will receive credit.
  • The video must be no shorter than 5 minutes and no longer than 10 minutes in length.
  • The video must contain:
    • An opening title (Introduction)
    • List of the Creators..."Starring..."
    • Closing Credits - whatever you do and/or use must go in your credits; Each person should get "credit" for the job they do on this project, e.g. "Camerawoman", "Video Editor", etc. Any music or video clips that possess a copyright must be cited at the end of the video.
  • The audiences for this video portfolio are your triad professors and future First-Year Islanders.
  • The portfolio is a presentation of your groups’ work; therefore, it should be organized in such a way that is polished, professional, creative, and easy to follow.
  • Remember that there are iMacs in some of the computer labs on campus which have iMovie installed. Everyone has access to video editing software.
  • The rubric clearly shows everything that must be included in your film.
  • Cover everything on the rubric, and you will earn the grade you want.

Groups for the Final Portfolio

  • In this end-of-the-semester video learning portfolio, you will focus and reflect on your learning experiences in Seminar and your overall growth as a student during your first semester of college. For this reflection, you will be focusing on your experiences in Seminar and how this knowledge will transfer to other situations (both classes and your future outside of academia).
  • You will need to provide proof of your statements, whether as verbal evidence, a representation, video clip, or some picture proof of your assignments.


  • In your video portfolio you will provide evidence to support your assertions. The evidence in your portfolio is intended to support your answers to the questions below.
  • Take some time to answer the questions before beginning to film your portfolio. After you write the answers to the questions, you are ready to begin thinking about evidence.
  • You must take an active role in choosing which work to include. In other words, you are responsible for selecting the evidence that you think best illustrates the answers to the questions you have been asked to answer in the reflective piece.
  • Be sure to discuss your evidence when discussing your SLO. How does this evidence specifically address this SLO? Why did you choose it? What does it show about you as a student and a learner?

Components of the Portfolio:

  • Introduction
    • Create an introduction – each group member should introduce themselves and provide some brief background information.
  • Body of the Video Portfolio
    • Address all of the Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) for Seminar in the video. The SLOs for Seminar are:
      • Reflect and integrate learning from learning community courses, including development of critical thinking skills, social and/or personal responsibility.
      • Interact with faculty and peers about substantive matters through daily activities and discussions.
      • Demonstrate competence of knowledge related to the learning community discipline(s) in a public forum.
    • Use the following questions as a guideline to help you address each of the SLOs.
      • How have you seen your critical thinking skills develop? How have you utilized these skills this semester?
      • In what way did you contribute to the Islander community this semester? In what organizations and/or activities did you participate? How does this demonstrate your social and personal responsibility to the larger community?
      • How have your interacted with your triad professors, especially your seminar professor, this semester? How have you interacted with your classmates during seminar and in the triad this semester?
      • Discuss lessons you have learned, discoveries you have made, and/or realizations you have achieved as a student, as a learner, and as an individual during this semester.
      • How have you demonstrated your knowledge related to history in a public forum?
  • Evidence
    • Be sure to discuss your evidence when discussing your SLO. How does this evidence specifically address this SLO?
  • Three Tips for Future First-Year Islanders
    • Consider what you wish you had known prior to beginning college. Provide three tips to incoming First-Year Islanders. What would you advise future FYIs that can help them be successful?
    • This section should be at the end of the video after the SLOs have been addressed.
  • Conclusion
    • Include a brief conclusion to your portfolio.

Remember, the more creative the video the better! Creativity is worth 25% of the portfolio grade!

  • Creativity
    • Have fun with this assignment! Creativity will account for a portion of the grade for this portfolio. There are many different ways to be creative in your approach (e.g., film in different locations on campus, choose a theme for the portfolio, etc.). Show us your sense of humor and comedic abilities!