Sample of a Genogram for a fictional student named Heather:

Interpretation of Heather's Genogram

NOTE: This is NOT how you will write your paper. This is simply a written explanation of the above genogram to help you understand what it is showing.

According to this genogram, Heather's parents, Juan Jr. and Margarita, were both married previously and divorced. They did not marry each other, but they are together. Heather has two siblings, Sara (a lawyer) and Joseph (deceased). She has a large military influence in her family. Her grandfather, father, sister, Uncle Sergio (deceased), Uncle Francisco, and cousin Juan have all served or are currently serving in the military, with the majority of them serving in the Navy. We can also see that 11 of Heather's family members on the genogram received degrees from an institution of higher education. The family members that have most strongly supported Heather's educational and career path are her grandparents, cousin Ruben, Uncle Francisco, and Aunt Laura. Many of Heather's family members are Christian.