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1. In the thirteen years between the end of the Seven Years’ War and the Declaration of Independence some American colonists developed a political and economic argument in favor of independence from Great Britain. Why do you think the colonial leaders waited so long to declare independence? For full credit on the exam, be sure to describe in detail the arguments made by loyalists and patriots both for and against independence from Great Britain.

Essay 1 Outline

2. In 1776 the American colonists declared independence from Great Britain and the powerful government of the empire centered in London. Do you believe that America’s political leaders stayed true to the political goals they set out during the Revolution or that they turned away from those political goals during the six decades after the Declaration of Independence (from 1776 to 1836)? For full credit on the exam, be sure to discuss the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution; the political parties formed in this era; and the system we referred to as Jacksonian Democracy.

Essay 2 Outline


  • COMM Group Presentations: November 2
  • History Exam 2, November 4 (T-Minus 4 days and counting!)
  • Monday, November 7, class will be held in UC Anchor Ballroom A
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  • Historical Argument Essay DUE Sunday, November 13
  • First-Year Symposium: November 30
  • COMM Persuasive speeches: November 28, 30, and December 2, 5
  • History Exam 3, December 12