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  • Difference between primary and secondary sources
    • How do Primary and Secondary Sources differ?
      • While primary sources are the original records created by firsthand witnesses of an event, secondary sources are documents, texts, images, and objects about an event created by someone who typically referenced the primary sources for their information. Textbooks are excellent examples of secondary sources.

Remember: You can only use primary sources from the websites Dr. Costanzo has provided. Sources from any other website or book must be approved by either him or myself.

Assignment for Wednesday: mini research presentation over the topic for your Historical Essay


  • Get thee to SI Sessions! They are free!
    • M 5-5:50 pm, CI 113
    • W 2-2:50 pm, IH 162
    • F 11-11:50 am, OCNR 116
  • Historical Argument thesis and outline due October 6 at 11:59 pm in your history BlackBoard (T-minus 3 days and counting!!!)
  • Midterm reflection IN CLASS on October 12
  • COMM Group Presentations: October 21, 24, 26, and 28
    • October 24 and 26 will be Comminar!
  • COMM Unit 3 test on October 28
  • History Exam 2, November 4 (T-Minus 32 days and counting!)
  • Historical Argument Essay DUE Sunday, November 13
  • COMM Unit 4 test on November 18
  • First-Year Symposium: November 30
  • COMM Persuasive speeches: November 28, 30, December 2, 5

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