Welcome to Seminar!

Class will be held online today.

Write an ID answer for the term "Cahokia" that would be considered appropriate for the exam. Submit this in a Word or PDF document only. Do not use information from the internet (e.g. Wikipedia, history.com, etc.) to create your answer. This assignment will count for attendance and a daily grade. Remember the following tips and grading criteria when completing this assignment.

  • What information should be contained in a thorough ID answer?
    • WHO?
      • Sometimes the "who" will already be included because the term is a person. If the term is an event, location, or group of people, be sure to mention specific key players if they are provided.
    • WHAT happened?
      • Give a good, thorough definition or description of the term.
    • WHEN did this happen?
      • This can be an exact date, a year, a century, or a time period/era (ex. Pre-Civil War).
      • Be aware of the information provided in class. If Dr. Costanzo provides you a year, then provide a year. If he provides a century, then make sure to provide the correct century.
      • This is the part where you will make an inference about WHY this term is important to the time period, topic, and/or history in general.

Grading guidelines from Dr. Costanzo:

For each ID you are looking for an adequate description of the item and a historical significance.

  • Typically, if they describe the item but give nothing resembling a significance, you should take 4 to 6 points off.
  • If they only have the significance but no real info about the item, take 8 points off.
    • Note that sometimes they donít come out and announce a significance. But you can tell that they are talking about the significant features of the item. Try to give them the benefit of the doubt.
  • Below Iíll list the key features and significance of each item that I have in mind. There could be other interpretations of significance. Keep your mind open to those that make sense.
  • A student does not have to get every single piece of info listed to earn 20 points. If the answer seems complete or goes in another direction but is correct, feel free to give full credit.
  • Simply judge whether they seem to know what they are talking about when describing the item and what its significance was.
  • If they did not write their answer in a paragraph format deduct 8 points.

A = 18-20 pts
B = 16-17 pts
C = 14-15 pts
D = 12-13 pts
F = 0-11 pts