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  • Mindful Minute (180 - At the end)
  • Grading
  • Welcome, Neli and Haley!
    • Learning Styles

Developing an Argumentative Thesis:

  • Primary sources should all be about the same topic and from roughly a similar time period.
    • What is the time period these five sources are from?
  • Look for the common thread amongst the sources.
    • What is the topic of each of the primary sources that we have been using in class?
    • What is the common thread?
  • Identify which are the most similar.
    • You may choose 3, 4, or all 5 of the sources.

Advice from Dr. Costanzo!

For your history paper, you can think about developing a thesis that answers a "why" question.

Examples of historical "why" questions (NOT APPROPRIATE FOR THIS PAPER):

  • Why did World War II happen?
    • World War II happened because Hitler attempted to build a German empire.
  • Why did the United States develop the atomic bomb?
    • The United States developed the atomic bomb to establish the U.S. as a world power.

In your groups develop a thesis statement for the following question (ALSO NOT APPROPRIATE FOR THIS PAPER):

  • Why did Christopher Columbus encounter the New World?


Extra Credit Opportunity!

  • College 2 Career Conference: Wednesday, September 27, and Thursday, September 28
  • Pre-register here: http://career-services.tamucc.edu/c2c%20.html
  • Attend any of the sessions - The schedule can be found at the link above.
  • Be sure to check-in with your Islander ID at the end of the session! For every session that you attend and scan your Islander ID card you will be entered into a drawing for a GoPro?.
  • Submit this into BlackBoard in a Word or PDF document.
  • You may attend up to 2 sessions for extra credit. Please feel free to attend as many sessions as you like for your own personal benefit! Each session you submit a synopsis for (up to 2) is worth up to 25 points of extra credit.
  • Thesis and Outline due Thursday, September 28, in your HIST BlackBoard
  • Conferences for Thesis and Outline feedback will be held on Monday, October 2, Tuesday, October 3, and Wednesday, October 4.
    • Everyone must come in for a conference!!! Missing your conference time will count for two absences for the week.
    • An announcement will go up in BlackBoard today at 3 pm with the sign-up link.
    • If you sign up for a time slot on Monday or Wednesday, please do not sign up for a time during another class.
    • All appointments must be confirmed so that your name shows up on the Slotted page. On Friday, any unconfirmed appointments will be canceled and open for others to take.
    • Once your appointment is confirmed, please keep that appointment. If you cancel at the last minute, such as the day before or the same day, without contacting me first, then it will be an absence, and you will need to come and see me during my office hours to receive feedback.
  • Friday, October 13 - History Exam 1 (T-minus 18 days and counting!!!)
  • Office 365 for everyone (FREE)