Individual Presentation for Sections 460 & 461
Due: Monday, March 27 by 5 pm to your Seminar Blackboard
Assignment Description

In this assignment, you will take a historical event or issue that occurred between 1866 and 2000 and connect it to a modern-day event or issue that occurred between 2011 and 2017. You will provide background information about the historical topic using primary sources, and then create a presentation that draws a parallel to present-day events. The connection you make can be to illustrate how this is still occurring today or how the issue has evolved over time.

It is recommended that you use the same historical topic that you addressed in your historical argument paper (for which you already have 3 primary sources); however, that is not required. Remember that this is not simply turning your historical argument paper into a presentation. Rather than arguing about the historical topic you will be illustrating how things are similar or different today.

Slide Requirements:

  • Title Slide: Include a creative presentation title and the presenterís name
  • Introduction: Present the historical issue and provide background information
  • Historical Primary Sources (3 slides, 1 source per slide):
    • Offer brief summaries each of the primary sources and explain what they tell us about the historical event/issue
    • Questions to consider: Who was the speaker/author? Who was their audience? What was going on in America during this time? How did they talk about the issue? What kinds of things did they say?
    • The primary sources may only come from Voices of Freedom and the three approved databases that were used to write your history paper.
  • Present-Day Sources (3 slides, 1 source per slide): These can include primary sources and secondary sources from a reputable source/author. All three should be from between the years 2011 and 2017.
    • Offer brief summaries of the sources and explain what they tell us about the current event/issue
    • Questions to consider: Who is the speaker/author? Who is their audience? How do they talk about the issue? What kinds of things do they say? What changed historically or stayed the same that you think illustrates the connection to the historical event/issue?
  • Conclusion: Briefly restate the parallels with insights based on analysis of all the sources and leave your audience with something to think about
  • References: Include APA citations for all of your sources in alphabetical order

Download a PowerPoint template for the presentation here.

Nuts & Bolts

  • The presentation should be 5-7 minutes in length.
  • All presentations must be uploaded into the seminar BlackBoard on Monday, March 27, by 5 pm regardless of which day you sign-up to present.
  • Presentations will take place during seminar on Tuesday, March 28, Thursday, March 30, Tuesday, April 4, and Thursday, April 6. You must be in class all four days or points will be deducted from your presentation grade.
  • All citations and references should be in proper APA format. Citations should be utilized where necessary throughout the presentation and not just on the References slide.
  • This assignment is worth 10% of your grade in seminar.

Zero-Tolerance Policy for Plagiarism
Individuals who plagiarize any portion of their presentation, even a single sentence, will receive an automatic zero for the assignment. If you arenít certain about the rules regarding copying or paraphrasing text or those about proper citation, you definitely want to seek clarification from the professor or from the other resources on campus such as the Library or the Writing Center. This document offers an intro to the subject and some helpful links:

NOTE: This is the presentation for which you will be writing a proposal for an assignment in seminar and for possible consideration into the First-Year Research Conference (FYRC). Presentations at FYRC are typically 10 to 12 minutes in length with a couple of minutes allotted for questions and answers. Should you decide to submit your proposal for acceptance to FYRC and be chosen, your Triad K professors will assist you with expanding your presentation to fit into FYRC time length. You will also have the opportunity to practice your presentation with your professors to help you prepare for FYRC.

If your proposal is accepted into FYRC you will receive the following incentives for†accepting and†presenting at FYRC:†

  • Extra credit on your historical argument paper in HIST 1302†
  • Extra credit on your historical argument paper in UCCP 1102†
  • Automatic 100% on your final video portfolio in UCCP 1102†

FYRC will be held Thursday, April 27, from 8 am to 5 pm in the UC.††