Insert a picture of yourself. Other people may be in the picture, but you also need to be visible in the picture.

Insert this into this template. Then underneath the picture tell me about yourself answering the following questions:

  1. Name
  2. Preferred Nickname You only need to complete this if you have a name you prefer to go by other than the one on the classroom roster.
  3. Previous Dyad/Triad/Tetrad If you have taken UCCP 1101, which dyad/triad/tetrad were you in?
  4. Previous Seminar Professor
  5. Favorite thing/lesson you did in your previous seminar class
  6. Current Major
  7. What was your biggest accomplishment last semester? This can be anything, school related or otherwise. What do you feel was the best thing you did? What was the greatest lesson you learned?
  8. What do you want to do after graduation?
  9. What should I know about you? If there is something I should know that will help me be a better professor to you as an individual please share! I want to make class as productive as possible for everyone here. This can be anything such as: being a veteran, utilizing disability services, PSA student, confused about what you want to do with your life, etc.

Upload your Word document into BlackBoard by the January 24, at 11:59 pm!

Name: Erica T. Garcia
Nickname: Please call me Erica, Professor Garcia, or Dr. Garcia. If you can avoid calling me Ms. Garcia I would appreciate it! It makes me feel old. :( I mean, I'm still gonna answer, but I will feel old.
Previous Triads: Triad C, Triad B
Previous Professor: ME! :P
Favorite thing you did in your previous seminar class: I enjoyed the discussions that we had about topics that were a bit controversial.
Current Major: NONE! I AM FINALLY DONE!!!
Biggest Accomplishment Last Semester: My biggest accomplishment was finally receiving my full license as a counselor! Yeah!
After Graduation: I have continued to teach and work with students which I very much enjoy.
Something I would like my class to know about me: I may be sarcastic at times, but I really care about each of my students. I welcome feedback, so if something goes on in class that you feel strongly about, please let me know!