How to Address Your Professors

  • You no longer will use Mr., Mrs., or Ms. Your professors are primarily PhD holders, which means they will be referred to as "Doctor".
  • If your professor does not have a PhD, then you should refer to them as "Professor", unless they instruct you otherwise.
    • Some professors prefer to be referred to by their first names. Make sure that if you are confused you ask the professor to avoid any awkward mishaps.


  • Keep all emails professional and grammatically correct.
    • You are intelligent students as evidenced by your admittance to TAMU-CC. When emails are written in the vernacular (i.e., the way you speak rather than write) this is not a good example of your abilities as a student.
    • This also shows a lack of respect for the recipient of the email.
  • Spell your professor's name correctly.
    • Dr. Costanzo is a stickler for this!
  • An appropriate email has the following:
    • A greeting (e.g. Dear Dr. Rodriguez,...)
    • A body with a clear description of what you are emailing about
    • A closing (e.g. Thank you, Jorge)

An ACTUAL e-mail that was sent to me by a student:

"how do i get informtion for the ass. that was due today traid c i cant find anything"

Time Management

  • Although an assignment has a specific due date, you are welcome to turn in assignments before the date they are due.
    • Time management is a key skill to develop while you are in college!

Talk to Your Professors

  • Communication with your professor is key!
    • Professors are people, too, and they understand that life happens.
    • If you have an emergency or concern during the semester, please communicate with your professor. Arrangements to accommodate you can always be made if enough advance notice is given to the professor.