Welcome to seminar!

Next Tuesday is the last day for seminar. :(

Download the essay question for Sociology Exam 4 here!

Mills - The Promise

Essay Outline Sheet

This will be due on December 13 before you begin taking your exam.


  • Tuesday, December 6, Last day of Seminar
  • End of course evaluations for fall 2016 are now open and will remain open through Tuesday, Dec. 6 at http://studenteval.tamucc.edu/.
  • Friday, December 2, Islander Lights!
    • Extra Credit for those who attend!
    • See BlackBoard for details.
  • Tuesday, December 6, Paws on the Island
    • Extra Credit opportunity
    • See BlackBoard for details.
  • Sociology Exam 4 AND Makeup Exam, December 13, 8 am, Same classroom as always
    • Hard copy of essay question due before the exam begins!