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Section 161: Last norm busting assignment

Get out a tablet, computer, or a smart phone because it's time to review!

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  • Congratulations to The Christmas Carolers (Sect 141) and the Cookie Bakers (Sect 140). Your teams will present their Norm Busting assignments in large lecture!
  • Exam 2 is on October 18 (5 days away)!
  • Instead of class, you will have conferences. Meet in my office (FC 128).
    • Sections 141 and 140 will meet with myself and Dr. Salter.
    • I will send out an announcement via BlackBoard when the schedule is set.
    • If you miss your appointment you will be counted absent!
  • Conferences Schedule
  • October 20, Class will take place in UC Ballroom A
  • October 25 - In class midterm reflection
    • Don't be absent!