Welcome to Seminar!

Norm Busting Presentation Description Revisited

  • Let's revisit the assignment requirements one more time!
  • Don't forget that your group must turn in your field notes with your presentation.
  • Each group member will also need to turn in their own Group Evaluation Form. This should be uploaded into your seminar BlackBoard prior to the start of class.


  • Norm busting presentations due on Tuesday, October 11, in your large lecture BlackBoard and at the start of seminar!
    • Only one person has to submit the completed PowerPoint for the entire team.
    • PowerPoint - make sure this and your video links work!
    • Field notes
    • Team member evaluations are due in you Seminar BlackBoard. Each person submits one
  • Exam 2 is on October 18 (11 days away)!
  • October 25 - In class midterm reflection
    • Don't be absent!