Instead of meeting for seminar in our traditional classroom setting you will be meeting with your norm busting groups to plan for this group assignment.

In order to receive attendance for seminar today and a grade, your team will need to complete and submit two things in your Seminar BlackBoard:

  1. The norm busting assignment template - (HINT: ONE of your observation days will probably be 9/27)
  2. A picture of your entire norm busting group (selfie) completing this document together during your regularly scheduled seminar class time - Please insert this picture at the end of the Word document so that you only upload one item into BlackBoard.

You can complete this in any location you choose. If you would like to meet in your regular classroom space (either CS 108 or OCNR 118) that space will be available even though class will not take place.

Only one group member needs to upload your assignment for everyone to get credit.

Note: Anyone who is not present for the group photo will be counted absent and receive a zero for this assignment.