Welcome to the last day of seminar!

  • Exam 3 return

  • One thing you want to take with you from this semester
  • One thing you want to leave behind

Get into your teams, please!


  • End of course evaluations for Fall 2016 are now open and will remain open through Tuesday, Dec. 6 at http://studenteval.tamucc.edu/.
  • Extra Credit Opportunities (See BlackBoard for details):
    • Paws on the Island Extra Credit
    • FYLCP Fall Survey Extra Credit
  • Essay Question for Exam 4 will be due on December 13 before you begin taking your exam. WORTH 30 POINTS ON EXAM 4!!!
  • You may write your answer and come and meet with me for feedback!
    • Need to schedule an appointment after today because regular office hours will no longer be in effect.
  • Sociology Exam 4 and Makeup Exam, December 13, 8 am