Individual Presentations

All electronic devices and smartwatches must be on silent or turned off and put away for the entire class. Anyone seen using an electronic device or smartwatch during the presentations will have 5 points deducted from their presentation for every instance this takes place.

Section 460:

  1. Cameo Crabtree
  2. Ryan Vrana
  3. Sam Pence
  4. Sarah Phan
  5. Krisalyn Flores
  6. Paige Sutphen

Section 461

  1. Kalub Foster
  2. Tatum Hightower
  3. Rebekah Hardee
  4. Jessica Mendez
  5. Samantha Hernandez
  6. Senoah Richards
  7. Miguel Diaz

Sections 453 and 452: COMMINAR