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First-Year Symposium

  • Tuesday, November 29

The day of First-Year Symposium:

  • Please be in the UC Anchor Ballroom no less than 10 minutes before your time slot begins (the entire group!).
  • As a group, you will utilize a laptop or tablet and PowerPoint to present at FYS.
  • The group must provide their own laptop or tablet. Please make sure it is fully charged on the day of FYS.
  • Dress business casual!
    • No ripped jeans, short, or revealing clothing.
    • Wear comfortable shoes!
  • First-Year Symposium (your presentation and visits to other presentations) is worth 10% of your overall grade in seminar for the semester.
    • At any time during the day, you will need to visit 3 other presentations. When you decide to complete this is up to you. Plan ahead as the day ends at 3 pm and all of your forms must be turned in by 3 pm.
    • Forms will be available at the information table at FYS.
    • One presentation may be from within the triad.
    • Two must be from presentations outside the triad.

TODAY at 3:10 PM an announcement will open in BlackBoard that contains that link to sign up for a time slot to present at FYS on November 29. If more than one team member signs up for a time slot then all time slots for that team will be deleted.

Preparation for FYS:

  • Thursday, November 17, you will have a work day. Please submit a group photo and your PowerPoint in BlackBoard.
    • I will be emailing each team a list of corrections that need to be made to the PowerPoint presentations you submitted in the large lecture BlackBoard.
    • Meet with your team during your regularly scheduled seminar time to work together on making these corrections.
    • Upload the PowerPoint file with corrections AND a picture of the entire group together into your seminar BlackBoard by Thursday, November 17, by 5 pm.
    • Only one member has to upload this for the entire group. This is for a grade and for attendance.

If you need an excuse for class on the day of FYS, let me know in advance, por favor!


    • Thursday, November 17
    • Upload a group photo and your PowerPoint in BlackBoard for grade and attendance
    • Please read your emails as I will be sending out reminders before everyone returns from the break!
  • First-Year Symposium: Tuesday, November 29
  • Sociology Exam 4 AND Makeup Exam, December 13, 8 am