Norm Busting Presentations!

Please turn in group evaluations and field notes at the start of class.

BE RESPECTFUL OF YOUR CLASSMATES, PLEASE. No phones or electronic devices are allowed to be used during the presentations.

Presentations are limited to 10 minutes which includes setting up and closing out.


  • Norm busting presentations are due in your large lecture BlackBoard by Tuesday, October 11, at 6 pm.
    • Only one person has to submit the completed PowerPoint for the entire team.
    • PowerPoint - make sure your video links work!
    • Field notes
  • Exam 2 is on October 18 (7 days away)!
  • Instead of class, you will have conferences. Meet in my office (FC 128).
    • Sections 141 and 140 will meet with myself and Dr. Salter.
    • I will send out an announcement via BlackBoard when the schedule is set.
    • If you miss your appointment you will be counted absent!
  • Section 161
  • Section 141
  • Section 140?
  • October 20, Class will take place in the UC
  • October 25 - In class midterm reflection
    • Don't be absent!