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Grade Distributions

Section 161

  • Highest grade: 94
  • Class average: 71.85

Section 141

  • Highest grade: 77.5
  • Class average: 58

Section 140

  • Highest grade: 82.5
  • Class average: 62.23

Common mistakes:

  • Not writing in complete sentences (identify section) or in paragraph format
    • 1 point off for each short answer
    • 5 points off of the entire essay
  • Definitions and/or the essay seemed to come from common knowledge of the word rather than the sociological definition of the word
    • Example: Socialization
  • Concepts were not expanded upon in the essay question.
    • One section of essay question 1 was worth 10 points and not much was written in that section, but other portions worth only 2 points had more information than necessary.
  • Not all sections of the essay question were addressed

Norm Busting Example!


  • Your next SOCI exam is October 18!!! (That's two weeks from today, people!)
  • Extra credit opportunity! You must register by today to attend.
    • Sign up to attend the Islander Leadership Conference by October 4 here: https://orgsync.com/6216/events/1574383/occurrences/3739185
    • Attend the conference.
    • Write a 1 page description (total) about three of the workshops you attended in a Word document and submit it here.
    • Insert a selfie at the conference with one of the workshop speakers into the same Word document.
    • Note: These points will ONLY count towards participation and attendance points. These will not take the place of any integrated assignments, First-Year Symposium, the midterm reflection, or any other assignments specified in the syllabus. 

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