Welcome back to your last day of Seminar!

  • Mindful Minute
  • A little drawing - Person must be present to win!
    • History Exams 1 & 2
    • History Paper
    • Midterm Reflection
    • Perfect Attendance in Seminar
  • My final scheduled office hours are today, 2:30 to 4 pm. I can stay later if need be!
  • P&A 7: Exam 3 Review is due TONIGHT by 11:59 pm - 30 points and attendance for December 4
  • Extra Credit for the Final Video Portfolio, Due date is December 14 - You will not be able to submit assignments after this day due to finals ending on this date.
  • Reminder: Calculate your grade to see what you need to make on your History exam!
    • It will help you figure out how much energy you need to earn a specific grade in History.
  • Participation & Attendance Breakdown
  • One to three words that describe your semester
  • Group picture!



  • Take advantage of the extra credit that is in BlackBoard!!!
  • Get thee to SI Sessions!
    • Thursday, December 7, 7PM-9PM, UC Dolphin Room 206
    • Friday, December 8, 10AM-12 PM, UC Marlin Room 317
  • How well have YOU been studying?
  • Registration: Still ongoing!
    • May receive another email to check-in with regards to registration
  • Thursday, December 7, 5 pm - Final Video Portfolio due
  • History Exam 3, December 11, 8 am - 5 days and counting!
    • Study guide available in BlackBoard and on the Wiki.