First-Year Symposium Practice
Two more days of seminar left

  • Mindful Minute

Reminders for FYS:

  • Double check when your presentation begins, and be there 10 minutes before your time starts.
  • Business casual dress is expected!
  • Make sure your laptop is fully charged and the screen has been cleaned.
  • Wear comfortable shoes.
  • No phones in your hand during the presentation!
  • Visit 3 other presentations and submit the forms in BlackBoard.
  • Final draft of the presentation is due tonight!
  • Presentation evaluations and peer evaluations are due December 3, by 11:59 pm.

  • Groups will present for 15-20 minutes.
  • We will switch after that time so that the next groups can practice.
  • Everyone will visit the presentations for the entire time they are running (approximately 5 minutes per group) and provide feedback to each group on the feedback forms.
  • Leave feedback forms for the presenters.

Section 180

  • Round 1
    • Ginger, Ambra, Raymond, Gabriel
    • Haley, Jialu, Taylor
    • Isla, Elizabeth, Brianna, JT
  • Round 2
    • Gavin, Jeremiah, Alexandra, Daniel
    • Anthony, Marvin, Mary-Elizabeth, Nicholas
    • Rico, Alex, Hanna

Section 181

  • Round 1
    • Jonathan, Noemi, Megan, Yoseline
    • Elizabeth, Brian, Sydney
    • Derik, James, Andrew, Liam
  • Round 2
    • Mark, Steffi, Andrew, Leah
    • Ava, Nathaniel, Estrella, Chelsi
    • Matthew, Nadia, Elijah, Alexis

Section 182

  • Round 1
    • Joseph, Daniel, Edithe, Johnathan, Jan
    • Moises, Kyle, Senaida, Gabriela
    • Juan, Talor, Lauren, Justin
  • Round 2
    • Elexis, Caden, Isaac, Jasmine
    • Haley F, Kevin, Sierra, Gabriella
    • Logan, Haley B, Avery, Kai

Section 183

  • Round 1
    • Mauricio, Dylan, Haley, Sammie
    • Ra'Kayla, Robert, Hammas, Virgil
    • Nora, Natalie, Nicholas, Hannah
  • Round 2
    • Ben, Saul, Gisselle, Brendan, Cesar
    • Aaron, Juan, Christopher, Denise
    • Amanda, Karina, Danielle

Interested in trying to figure out what your potential final grade will be in History? It will take a little estimating on your part, but you can do so.

Use this calculator, and follow the steps below:

  • Enter your grades for exam 1, exam 2, outline and thesis, essay, and individual COMM presentation (the grade in your HIST BlackBoard!) in spaces for each.
  • Add all of the grades you have received on your quizzes.
  • Add in potential grades for any quizzes you have not completed yet. Essentially, you are estimating what you may receive for these quizzes.
  • Subtract the three lowest grades from this total.
  • Divide this total by 1200.
  • Multiply this number by 100.
  • Put this number in the space for quizzes.
  • Add all of the grades you have received on your discussions.
  • Add in potential grades for any discussions that have not come due yet. Essentially, you are estimating what you may receive for these discussions
  • Subtract the lowest grade from this total (only one).
  • Divide this total by 70.
  • Multiply this number by 100.
  • Put this number in the space for discussions.
  • Estimate what grade you may earn for your attendance and participation. This grade includes your attendance and participation in Seminar and History. Be realistic. Were you present at almost all classes? Were absent frequently? Give yourself a potential grade based on attendance and participation in these classes and put this number in the space for A&P. Example: If I know I missed five classes in seminar and five in History, I might estimate that I earned an 80 for attendance.
  • Now you are ready to estimate what you believe you can earn on the final exam to see a potential final grade in History.

Here is an example with estimated grades in red:

This student earned a 75 on exam 1, an 85 on exam 2, an 80 on the outline and thesis, a 78 on the essay, and an 85 on their COMM presentation. They completed the math with estimations for discussions and quizzes and came up with an 85.7 and 91.67 respectively. They had several absences in Seminar and History, so they estimated that they would earn a 78% for attendance and participation.

This student wants to know what grade they will earn in History if they make an 80 on the last exam. After entering it into the Exam 3 box, the total grade they would earn is a B.

Out of curiosity, the student wants to know what their highest grade could be in History, so they enter a 100 for the Exam 3 grade. The results show that even if the student earns a 100 on the last exam, they will not be able to earn anything higher than a grade of B in History for the semester. This is helpful information because this student knows how much energy to put into studying for their last exam.


  • Take advantage of the extra credit that is in BlackBoard!!!
    • This is the only way to make up some of the lost points for participation and attendance.
  • Get thee to SI Sessions! They are free!
    • M 12-12:50 pm, IH 163
    • W 1-1:50 pm, IH 163
    • R 7-7:50 pm, IH 157
  • How well have YOU been studying?
  • Registration: Still ongoing!
  • Wednesday, November 29, 11:59 pm - Final FYS presentation due in BlackBoard
  • Friday, December 1: First-Year Symposium
    • Be there 10 minutes before your presentation begins.
    • Visit 3 other presentations on either Thursday, November 30, or Friday, December 1.
  • Friday, December 1: Islander Lights, 6-8 pm
    • Extra Credit opportunity
  • Sunday, December 3, 11:59 pm - FYS Presentation reviews due in BlackBoard
  • Sunday, December 3, 11:59 pm - Self and team member evals for FYS due
  • Thursday, December 7, 5:00 pm - Final Video Portfolio due
  • History Exam 3, December 11, 8 am - 12 days and counting!
    • Study guide available in BlackBoard and on the Wiki.